Laura Hudson


Laura has been an advocate and lover of all animals since she came out screaming, from collecting stray cats, to being the kid on the block who walked and trained (or so she thought) the neighbors' dogs for fun!  She has lived in Airdrie for over 13 years and is a proud mom of two sweet animal loving kids, a daughter who is 17 and a son who is 14 as well as, thankfully, a very patient husband who loves cats.

She started young and volunteered her time with the Calgary Humane Society always insanely passionate about rescuing cats, and a HUGE advocate for spaying and neutering them.  That direction took a short detour to work in accounting, human resources and marketing for over 20 years, which lets be honest, way less fun!

Laura has been walking and handling all kinds of dogs, big and small, purebred and rescue as well as senior and puppy for over 6 years.  She has learned to manage dogs who display a wide range of behaviors ranging from fearful to reactive and would rather not fixate on the label but celebrate the positive increments and keep pursuing what works.  

She enjoys attending various seminars, workshops and learning from positive mentors and trainers in science based education.  Focuses in areas of reactivity and aggression to further understand this common problem for dog/s on leash and strives to set her dog/s up in an environment to succeed during uncontrolled variables encountered on visits.

She feels driven by being a positive influence in her dog/s day through reinforcing new habits and routines or helping implement any learning plans with her clients' own trainers.  And from recently forming a partnership in WAGGING FUN PUPPY CLUB & CANINE TUTORIALS offering Dog to Dog Reactivity Seminars and Puppy Club for early socialization play meets.

Her true passion lies with the puppies, not just for the obvious cute reasons, but in trying to prevent normal "un-social" behaviors that may develop if consentual and fun, early puppy socialization is NOT something that they have been exposed to.  This along with having a strong understanding of all breeds and how purpose bred drive can be a factor in our dog/s simply trying to tell us they do not always enjoy being typically social like we want them to be.

Proud to create a strong, caring team who enjoy learning positive reinforcement and where we are grateful to be a part, large or small, in teaching our dog/s to be enjoyable walking companions for our clients.  It is truly about finding a happy compromise when it comes to learning to live with an animal in your home.

She is a current supporting member of the INTERNATONAL ASSOCIATION OF ANIMAL BEHAVIOR CONSULTANTS focused on behavior science and commited to helping her clients further while working towards her national designation.

Laura currently has FOUR rescue cats, YES! 4 CATS, if you thought socializing multiple dogs in one household is hard, try cats!!!  Starting with Olive, aka the fatty who was a "gift" from a former client... and the other 3; her big orange guy, Jasper, little Derpy, Oreo and her big black panther, Maggie. They are from Tails to Tell Animal Rescue Shelter in Crossfield, AB.  She always finds it hard NOT continually adding to her collection!  She also recently lost her beautiful family friend of 9 years, her Mini Schnauzer named Jynx to complications from canine diabetes in June 2020.


A Guide To Living With and Training A Fearful Dog presented by Debbie Jacobs;  September 9, 2017


Aggression in Dogs Workshop with Michael Shikashio & Trish McMillan;  May 26 & 27, 2018


Canine and Feline Behavioural Medicine with Dr. Karen Overall;  April 13, 2019


Living and Learning With Animals with Dr Susan Friedman;  June 8 & 9, 2019


Webinar:  Dogs that Guard their Owners with Micheal Shikashio;  July 16, 2020


Webinar:  The Aggression In Dogs Conference;  October 2-4, 2020


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