Custom Visits & Potty Breaks & Leashed Walks

Not Including Statutory Holidays

Monday to Friday 10:00am - 3:00pm



30 Minute Visit

15 Minute Visit
10 Minute Visit
$  9.00

All Services are subject to 5% GST

These are NOT booked on a set appointment time.  We need a "requested window of time" allowing our team some flexibility on visits where bathroom breaks and medical needs are time sensitive.  We genuinely appreciate your flexibility during our daily route if you are home or where bathroom break times are not a concern.  

This allows us to prioritize our young puppy clients or when sickness or unforseen circumstances arise and adjustments are needed. It is also a great solution for multiple visits needed for training young puppies to learn safe kenneling and gentle age appropriate bladder control.

Our handlers always make sound judgements based on your dog/s health, our quick changing weather and other varying circumstances.  We will only charge for the time we spend at your visit and we will inform you if we notice anything "off" about your dog/s or household.

We understand that some dog/s may NOT be that big into socialization!  This is NORMAL behavior!  Dog "face to face" meet ups at the end of a leash RARELY, if ever work out and we do not engage in any strange introductions.  We take the time to get to know your dog/s, respecting their limits and threshold as a sentient individual with thinking and decision making ability.

We will not “group walk” or even introduce them to one of our other safe client dog friends' unless we are confident that it will be a compatible match and enjoyable for both dog and handler.  By providing first a parallel walk, we ensure a solid relationship to start with NO reactive behaviors before we bridge the gap between them to meet properly.

We carry nutritious treats whether you provide them or we do, reinforce the behaviors we want to see and to distract and counter condition the behaviors we want to change.  We know that science based training works and we are consistant.  We keep our focus on reading your dog/s body language and making adjustments accordingly.

We have a wide range of experience with dogs with past injuries, special needs, and senior citizens who just like a nice relaxed stroll.  We keep their pace.  We have experience in surgery recovery including cruciate repairs.  

We try to keep those paws clean, always check their surroundings for safety and offer a fresh bowl of water.  We can also feed and administer medications.  We want our visits to be customized to your dog/s needs.  This is not a service to run your dog/s wild or tire them out for you at the end of the day.  We provide a well-rounded experience with not only body but brain activities.

60 Minute Visit-walk/play/learn

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:00am to 11:00am

Monday to Thursday 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Not Including Statutory Holidays

Book in Advance.  Limited Spots.  No Late Cancellations.



60 Minute Visit walk/play/learn

Neighborhood Trip Add
$  7.00
$  7.00
$  7.00
Private Off-Leash Park Trip & Rental Add

All Services are subject to 5% GST

This is NOT an outdoor “hour long walk” for high energy dog/s that need to be tired out.  This customized service is for our clients who need a longer visit for whatever the reason.

Your dog/s continue to enjoy the fun and outdoor strolls they are used to and we provide a positive, well rounded learning experience with the additional time that our shorter visits do not allow.

We draw upon the experience and relationship we have with your dog/s to build a service that allows for both walking outdoors as well as learning indoors.  We consider the current weather, your dog/s natural abilities, their mood and threshold, but most importantly the safety and well-being of both our dog/s and handlers.

IF YOU ARE WORKING FROM HOME and need your dog/s out the house.  WE CAN PROVIDE:

  • NEIGHBORHOOD TRIP: we will pick up/drop off and safely transport your dog/s to another park or location or to meet up with a member of our team for a visit and walk with a fellow canine friend to allow for a different type of experience.

  • PRIVATE OFF-LEASH PARK TRIP & RENTAL: we book facility, pick up/drop off and safely transport your dog/s for an adventure that allows your dog/s a private and safe session of play.

SPOTS ARE LIMITED and you need to book in ADVANCE!

WE REQUIRE AT LEAST 72 HOURS (3 DAYS) CANCELLATION OR A $20.00 CANCELLATION FEE on any 60 MINUTE VISIT - walk/play/learn service due to advanced planning including park rentals and staffing which often require two handlers.




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PLEASE NOTE:  WE ARE CLOSED on Sunday, October 25, 2020 & WITH LIMITED AVAILABILITY on Monday, October 26, 2020.  THANK YOU for your UNDERSTANDING.




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