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Subject to Weather & Park Availability

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1 DOG        2 DOGS        3 DOGS

$30.00        $45.00        $55.00

Only allowing a maximum of 8 dogs in our pack between two team members always allows us to observe & safely monitor play. Taking into consideration their temperaments, sizes, play styles and general energy, we strive for low arousal and polite play.

All pack members must be spayed or neutered and provide proof of current vaccinations including Bordetella. We cannot allow dogs with any previous dog to dog bite history or if they show any signs of aggression in our play group at any time.

We rent a private off-leash park in Airdrie's city limits. This allows for a controlled environment for our dogs to experience socialization, learning and play in a private setting. Avoiding the obvious dangers that occur in a public park. We safely transport your dogs to and from the park focusing on enjoyable car rides and traveling safely.

how do we add a new dog to our group play?

We plan for strategic controlled introductions into our bonded packs.  There is no shame in a 'failed' meet up, we view it as an opportunity for further learning and training.


30 Minute Meet & Walk + Neighborhood Trip $25.00

We teach and assist in polite, proper dog to dog introductions, setting up our environment, handlers & dogs for success to enjoy a parallel walk together. It provides our team with opportunities to observe body language and interactions, so we make wise decisions managing our dogs together.

Your dog will need a minimum of 4 Visits to successfully meet all our pack members and be comfortable for off-leash play together. This initial investment ensures we put first the needs of both our pack and your dog. We will safely transport your dog to another location to meet up with their new hopeful friend and handler. Contact us for availability and booking.

what if your dog is not a suitable candidate for our Pack?

Unfortunately, we do know that there are dogs who may not be the right energy or fit for our group. We encourage positive communication with our clients to create new opportunities for matched play and safe learning for all.


1 Hour Private Park Rental + Pick Up/Drop off $50.00

Want to get your dogs out for a private off-leash experience? We can arrange for your dogs to learn valuable play skills on a solo trip of their own. We rent and safely transport your dogs to and from the park. Contact us for availability and booking.


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