Meet The Pack


its a dog eat dog world out there

welcome to our "happy place"


"Mr. I'm Captain of this Ship"

ball is life, nuff said!

Likes: when my ball just comes to me

Dislikes: when I just know those jerks got "MY" ball


"Mr. Waiting For My Ball Like"

i come for the balls

Likes: ball & following my favorite peeps

Dislikes: when that ball goes away


"Mr Polite McSniffs n Lifts"

just a generally nice guy to have around

Likes: a whole new world of sniffs

Dislikes: when I get tired from leg lifts


"Miss Lightning Long Legs"

think you can run faster than me?

Likes: running and playing with my friends

Dislikes: when they make the game too easy


"Mr Chubs Migillicutty"

nothing but loose skin, love and good vibes

Likes: a nice squishy rubber ball in my mouth

Dislikes: darn them cold toes


"Mr Funbuster McSqueekyPants"

OMG like, are these my buds?

Likes: all kinds of dudes to hang with

Dislikes: can't stand the ruckus unless i'm involved in it


"Mr. Zoomers McSnacksalot"

just here for the snacks thanks

Likes: a good ole zoomie session

Dislikes: when that lady don't hand out the treats evenly


"Miss Chasey McScreecherPants"

here to chase these beasts into oblivion

Likes: fast starts just to letta homie know i still got it

Dislikes: when its time to go


"Mr. Jowly SirHumpsalot"

literally THE perfect guy for you, just ask me

Likes: hanging with all my buds

Dislikes: when she takes me out by the ankles, its rude man

curious if your dog would enjoy our pack?

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