How Cold is too Cold?????


We have a good old fashioned common sense policy when it comes to the type of weather we face on a daily basis.  We find that "if its too cold for your dog, its generally too cold for us as well"


We want your dog to have a great visit and walk for as long as they can handle happily and comfortably.  Whether the day calls for a shorter walk or just a potty, that depends on them and us and we will adjust as needed.   Sometimes its harder on us by the end of the day than for our individual doggie friends.  We try our very best on each visit, and as we know all too well as Albertans...the weather changes every 5 minutes.


You can be sure that your dog is safe and happy, we get to know them and what they can handle and like.  We even have some tricks up our sleeve to get the essentials down pat on those days and make sure we leave them feeling happy and relieved and give them extra time indoors.


We will always keep you informed on how they did and only charge you for the service that we were able to perform that day.


We try to follow any weather advisory guidlines given the City of Airdrie, Calgary and Environment Canada.


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We look forward to taking time to spend time with our families and enjoying some rest.  Thank you so much for your understanding.