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On Leash Walks: 

The Woof Pack offers all types of leashed walks.  We understand that some dogs may not be that big into socialization, and that is completely ok!   We take the time to get to know your dog and respect who they should be grouped with in a team.  We will not walk in a team unless we are confident that it will be safe and enjoyable for the dogs and for the walker as well.  We know that maintaining a happy balance is key to what makes this experience a fun one for the dogs, not maximizing our profits.  We have a wide range of experience with dogs with past injuries, special needs and our senior citizens who just like a nice relaxed stroll.  We do not charge a premium for private walks as we strive to customize our visit to work for you and your day.  We offer transportation to and from our walks if applicable.  Nutritious treats whether you provide them or we do during our walks to promote reward based training.  A paw cleaning and a fresh full water dish.  We can help with more, just ask!


Combination Walks for Two Dog Homes: 

The Individual 15 Minutes with each Dog Combo is an option for two dog families who need a solo walk without their faithful partner at their side.  One of them or both may be reactive, a little too excited, fearful or anything!!  They may need some work on their leash skills before they can become a great team and walk in perfect harmony.  And of course we can customize the visit to whatever you may need for your duo as it allows a bit more time for us to make the switch.

The Anything Goes - Long & Short Walk Combo is an option for two dog families who are not quite the perfect match, maybe one is big and one is small, one is a puppy and one is a senior, one likes the bad weather and one sure does not.  Perfect for the pair that have different needs and we can customize their walk to optimize the best for both of them.  This is also an excellent option for when we have a weather event, so that we have time to adjust accordingly and ensure a great visit for both of them.


Potty Breaks: 

This is a an option for puppies, seniors and an economical solution for everything in between.  We stop-in to let your dog relieve themselves - either in their yard or on leash - whatever works best for them and your needs.  This gives them the opportunity to stretch their legs, get some cuddles, fill their food and water dishes, you know the deal!  It is also a great solution for multiple visits needed for training young puppies to learn kenneling and bladder control. We are also trained in administering medication of all kinds, and assisting post-surgery and senior dogs with their potty break.

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In-Home Pet Sitting:

Some dogs have a hard time adjusting to a kennel environment, they would prefer their regular routine in their own home for whatever reason. This service may not suit a household of dogs that need constant stimulation or have anxiety issues.  We work with our clients to ensure that their pets are happy, adjusted and stress free. Feeding, cuddles, administering medication/supplements/treats, walking (where applicable), and companionship for your pet.  We also offer insurance checks, water plants/lawn/garden, collect mail, and more, just ask!  Service provided for almost all domesticated pets.  After hours services available upon request. 

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