We are Donna and Laura.  Our goal in creating Puppy Club, a unique training service is to provide the safest place for pet owners to learn how to socialize your new puppy.  We will guide you how to properly ease your pet into puppy to puppy socialization. We will provide education on safe puppy play, reading and understanding puppy body language and knowing when puppy needs a break.


Our goal is to guide your understanding about your puppy in the critical learning development phase of puppy’s first few months of life. A good start for puppy and owner leads the way to form a trust bond with your puppy that will continue well on into its adult development. Further, we debunk popular myths and educate owners with our education based in canine medical behavioural science. As well, we can provide one-on-one tutoring to address specific learning needs and owner questions.


We can also provide additional support through our other offered service, Canine Tutorials, providing continuity for owners and their puppies. We have integrative canine care and training services that cover an owner’s variety of needs over the lifespan of pet(s).  And of course, we continue to work with other talented professional trainers who specialize in atypical canine behaviours that we can refer you to.


Donna Barrett is the owner and trainer of Polite Pups Training in Airdrie, Alberta www.politepupstraining.com.  She offers comprehensive training all based in the scientifically proven method of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. Her love of sharing knowledge is evident by her patience with dogs and in her gentle nature mentoring clients.  Her services are unmatched in that she provides exercise for dog’s bodies and minds during curated walks.  The walks provide appropriate individualized learning and mental stimulation for your dog that is so crucial for continued canine development.

She completed the Canine Behaviour, Handling Skills, and Instructor Certification through the Cochrane and Area Humane Society’s Positive Approach Canine Education (PACE) program and adheres to the Canine Professional Dog Trainer Certification (CPDT) Code of Ethics, which can be read here: https://www.ccpdt.org/about-us/code-of-ethics/  Donna is also certified in Pet First Aid. She is currently working to attain her national designation as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) in the fall of 2020 and continues to expand her knowledge by attending professional workshops and active membership in several professional canine organizations.




Puppy Club is the safe and healthy way for your puppy to practice their manners with small group play supervised by two POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TRAINERS. This Puppy Club only works if we follow the rules to keep it safe and fun for everyone. Puppies should be healthy, between 3 to 5 months old and have at MINIMUM their first two vaccinations one week prior to the club.  This is an outdoor clean fenced private off leash park. You must provide proof of vaccines at every visit and sign our waiver at your first visit.  Please read and print out a copy of our full Puppy Club Rules attachment so you can refer to them when needed.  Check our events for meet up days, times, and updates.  Please use our facebook page in events https://www.facebook.com/waggingfunpups/  to confirm your attendance and please decline if you need to cancel.  Please note there is no cancellation fee.  Payment is CASH only at Place 4 Paws park gate (look for our sign). $10.00 DROP IN  ($9.52 + $0.48 GST)



Do you avoid places and times of day to walk your dog?  We have the skills and techniques to help you master this activity with your dog.  We will assess your dog’s equipment and rule out any issues.  We tutor you together through the walk, create a plan and give you useful skills and tips to connect with your dog. Our POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT techniques create a trust that will keep your confidence when you do encounter uncontrollable situations.  Please contact us on facebook or at   waggingfunpups@gmail.com so we can set-up a meeting. We will try to respond at our earliest convenience and within 24 hours.  $40/PER HOUR ($38.10 + $1.90 GST)$40/PER HOUR ($38.10 + $1.90 GST)



Canine Tutorials is an individualized service that involves both Donna and Laura working together for you as a team.  We will use our skills and experience to create a plan that you can incorporate in your life and one that reinforces and creates behaviors that your adult dog will choose to follow.  Donna will provide a tutorial plan for you that engages you and your dog, in whatever setting or scenario that lesson needs to be in.  Laura will be there to narrate, highlighting canine signals that will help you to understand your own dog’s body language.

Topics can include:

  • Working on ways to get your dogs attention and keep it.
  • Helping your dog with recall so they will choose to come back to you every time.
  • Working on calm and peaceful greetings at the door and associations with doorbells.
  • Working on behaviors that show as separation anxiety and attention seeking.

Please contact us on facebook or at waggingfunpups@gmail.com so we can set-up a meeting.  We will try to respond at our earliest convenience and within 24 hours.  $40/PER HOUR ($38.10 + $1.90 GST)



We can provide guidance for your family in the areas that typically have no real circle of support.  Maybe you need advice on simple canine husbandry issues and are looking for sound direction.  Stop sifting through popular opinion and questioning all training methods. We can work out positive solutions and put you on a good path including manageable routines and ways we can make learning and living with your animal companions a rewarding experience for everyone.

Topics can include:

  • potty training routines and optimal kennel/playpen set up for success for your new dog.
  • support for setting up your home environment in a way that will help manage potential red flags and ensure learning can happen between you and your dog.
  • support to set up environments that allow you to reinforce positive behaviors between all family members and create good habits for a lifetime.
  • tutoring and support on deciding to introduce new friends and species.
  • support for our clients to set up a kind, rewarding and manageable routine for those that need to provide medical support to their dogs.
  • and so much more!

Please contact us on facebook or at  waggingfunpups@gmail.com so we can set-up a meeting.  We will try to respond at our earliest convenience and within 24 hours.  $40/PER HOUR ($38.10 + $1.90 GST)



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