The Woof Pack Dog Walking & Pet Services




Our goal at The Woof Pack Dog Walking & Pet Services is to offer a unique service to Airdrie. Our clients can be assured that their fuzzy kids and homes are well taken care of.  Our services are tailored to our individual clients needs and offer a relationship that brings peace of mind.  We don't mind at all if you text to see how they are!!  We get it, its feels awful to leave them alone.


The Woof Pack will continue to grow slowly and balanced in order to maintain a level of service that is important to our valued clients and the health & safety of our team.  All while having fun and learning along the way.  We have been in business for over 3 years now and can't imagine a better way to spend our day.  There may be certain periods throughout the year where we just can't squeeze in any new clients into our routes.  We try very hard to be available for our current clients and having a good balance with the pet sitting so we can take the best care of your pets!  We will try very hard to keep you posted on any news or changes and reply to new inquiries as soon as possible.


We listen first and foremost to our furry clients and what their needs are on every single visit and make sure they are safe, happy, socialized and have a good mental and physical drain.  The best part is we get to know them and can help with all kinds of behaviors that come up when the honeymoon phase comes to an end.  We have been through the various stages of puppy hood and we enjoy working together with our clients to have an enjoyable leash walker.  We can suggest training and introducing daycare to get a good balance.  Because at the end of the day nothing is better than a neighborhood stroll with your best pal. 


We also believe in this economy, that positive advice, safe and force free pet care should not be at a premium and we try to keep our rates competitive within our market in Airdrie and of course we follow all Airdrie dog bylaws that are currently in place.