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I am a current student in the DCBC (Dogma Certified Behavior Consultant) apprenticeship program with Dogma Academy in Calgary, AB.

I am an educated, experienced dog handler & trainer acquiring hours to attain my national certified dog training designation. I have loved and learned from well over 200 dogs over the past 7 years and literally seen it all. I offer positive and choice-based solutions to guide you in the right direction. I will help you bond with your dogs, teach you leash walking skills and how to socialize safely. Coach and support in cooperative care routines to make your lives easier. (click for my bio) I am also able to refer you to local certified trainers.

Interested in taking advantage of my apprenticeship rates before I receive my certifications soon? Please do not hesitate to contact me for support!



60 Minutes $40.00

By Appointment

I am passionate about helping my clients learn from their dogs. I will help break down your goals, be realistic about what works, what does not & chew through all the information out there. We can work together to create behaviors to achieve balance while giving your dogs choice and autonomy.

Help you learn your dogs' cues and calming signals; animal husbandry and daily routines; puppy care and early development strategies; manners training; doorbell craziness and household routines; cooperative care for diabetic management or medication routines; and virtual, chat support and guidance for you and your family.


30 Min        60 Min

$25.00        $40.00

By Appointment

It makes me happy to see our clients feeling confident out walking their own dogs. A nice enjoyable leash walk should include all members of your family to avoid it becoming a frustrating chore. You need to see the enjoyable moments we have everyday!

I will use over seven years of dog walking experience to show you all the tools and tricks of our trade. Let's meet & walk together at a neighborhood location of your choice or stick close to home. You will learn how to bond with your dog so they will want to listen to you. We create a plan to set you & your dog up for success in all types of environments:

Walking equipment recommendations that are comfortable and effective; bonding with treats and different toys; learning canine body language so you communicate positively with your dog; practical loose leash walking skills that work; and dealing with reactivity and keeping your dog's attention when you need it most.

Team Teaching Visits (Monday-Friday 10am-3pm)



30 Minute Walk w/ 1 Trainer $26.00

By Appointment

Have a lucky pack of three? We will arrange for some outdoor fun. Contact us for information and availability.


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This teaching visit will provide your dogs with solid skills for loose leash walking and help with attention & reactivity.


We teach polite and proper dog to dog introductions. Set up our environment, handlers & dogs for success and work towards a parallel walk together.

Interested in Coaching & Training?

Need some help with coaching & training? We got you covered. Submit form & allow up to 48 hours for follow up email. THANK YOU!

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